My Story

I Dont Paint What I See.

I Visualize What I Feel.


I’m Zhongxiang Wang


Hi there. I am Zhongxiang Wang. If you’re not sure how to pronounce my name, it sounds like Joan-Shiung Wung.



I am an artist, and traveler.

I do not paint what I see, because everyone else who can see are seeing the same thing. What differs me from everyone else is what I feel. And that is exactly what I want people to know through my artworks.

I am a very emitional person in my inner world, but I do not express feelings vocally. Neither do I want to express them directly through any other ways. But art is the perfect channel for me to deliver my emotions to the audience in a very indirect way. The emotions that I express through the paintings are not simply what I felt when I was making them. The emotions are expressed because they are the connections between the subject matters and me. In others, I am doing the artworks in a single theme of “ME” through a variety of subject matters. It sounds abstract to me too. But think about this: why do I paint instead of taking pictures? (I am defintely not saying photography as a form of art.)

I want to define ME with everything about me. Places that I have visited, flowers that I have planted, friends and family that I have loved, and my faced that I have seen in the mirror every single day — they all defines ME. Painting is like a process where, when I already know the subject matter, I examine the connections between the subject matters and me — the connection between everything and me, and the emotions that I have to everything are unique and unreplaceable. It is more of an exploration than an expression of I want to present through the imagery of every and each of my paintings.

It may sound ridiculous, but I do not know myself well. Life is just an journey of exploring both the outside world and the inner world to know better about ME. I travel a lot, and I love it. I dream about travling all around the world like so many others do. And travel itself is truly like dream – A dream where you go to all the places that you ever wanted to, and meet so many people that you never even expected to. To me, this is the best thing about travel, and the best way to know more about ME. As a travling artist, travel indeed brought up a lot of inspirations to me, subject matter-wise and emotion-wise. However, it is more like something coordinates with art.

I may not be the kind of artist that you thought I should be. But every artist has his unique story to tell, and to express on his artworks. If you are interested in my story and want to know more about me, please don’t hesitate to leave me a message or contact me.